First and only
fully operational DIH
in North Macedonia

First and only
fully operational DIH
in North Macedonia

INNOFEIT is the first and the only fully operational Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) in N. Macedonia. It represents the pinnacle of digital innovations in the country and is a one-stop shop for companies looking to increase their competitiveness. INNOFEIT DIH fosters innovations in business/production processes, products and services with usage of digital technologies by securing access to technical expertise and experimentation/prototyping facilities. Companies can test before invest using modern digital tools allowing them cost reduction for development of a novel product and fast-tracking the process of commercialization of an innovation. INNOFEIT DIH helps companies network with other ones from their value chain, with innovators and potential clients that want to test solutions.



INNOFEIT DIH gathers all relevant stakeholders in the area of digital innovations and Internet-of-Things (IoT) “under a single-roof. The DIH stimulates information and idea exchanges and organizes workshops / trainings for interested parties. It also helps members to expand reach towards finance and market using its national and international contacts.


INNOFEIT DIH is a gateway through which qualified academic staff cooperates with the industry. Forms of cooperation comprise contract and joint research, consultancy, training, preparation of applications for national and international project calls etc.

Technology validation

INNOFEIT DIH has its own IoT laboratory for experimentation and testing and has access to state-of-the-art FEEITs laboratories (2M euros worth) for testing, experimentation and prototyping. Our experts provide guidance for Proof-of-Concept (PoC) development of academic and theoretical ideas. We are devoted to the "test before invest principle".

Technology transfer

INNOFEIT DIH specifically targets transfer of academic ideas in the area of digital innovations towards industry commercialization. We also provide consulting sessions one-on-one for all interested clients for cooperation, application development, technology validation etc.

Certified digital twin broker

INNOFEIT DIH is certified within the EU H2020 CHANGE2TWIN project for guiding companies to deploy digital twin solutions. Our experts can provide detailed analysis, implementation roadmap, accurate analysis of digitization potential and forecast improvements achievable with a digital twin.

Co-working space

INNOFEIT DIH has several spaces open for interested stakeholders that want to be closer to the academic environment and students.



INNOFEIT DIH possesses a state-of-the-art laboratory space for supporting design and development of PoC solutions of novel digital technologies, specifically in the area of IoT. The laboratory comprises 4 working tables, a CNC router, a 3D printer, a complete set of various sensors, communication modules and embedded microcomputer systems based on different hardware platforms and several measurement instruments. The IoT laboratory is backed by Iskratel Skopje (as a long-time partner and supporter of INNOFEIT), which offers its middleware platform for data acquisition and corresponding data storage of various networked systems. This partnership makes INNOFEIT DIHs IoT laboratory the first operational IoT platform/laboratory in N. Macedonia, open to all interested parties, for experimentation and concept validation.


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Tel. +389 2 3099 130
Rugjer Boskovic 18, 1000 Skopje, N. Macedonia

INNOFEIT DIGITAL INNOVATION HUB is supported by the Fund for Innovations
and Technology Development of the Republic of North Macedonia